Upcoming: Oil Fund


A TV series about the unsung heroes of the Oil FUnd. They start their day in simple apartments, ride their bike to work and then take private jets out into the big world and buy shares of everything from Times Square to Harley Davidson. They deal with the richest Arabs and Asians. They buy and sell billions in stocks, drink the finest wines, before they retreat back to their cabbage dinners at home.

The Oil Fund is a 10 episode TV series produced with Zwart Arbeid for TV Norge.


Director: Harald Zwart
Screenwriter: Harald Zwart, Tom Gulbrandsen
Producers: Espen Horn, Tom Gulbrandsen, Veslemøy Zwart
Line producer: Terje Strømstad

Produced by Zwart Arbeid in cooperation with Motion Blur Films
Distribution: Discovery Network/TVNorge

Premiere: TBA


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